REAGAN HUDSON – Mama’s Going to Rehab

“Mama’s Going to Rehab,” a song by Reagan Hudson, is a cheerful and amusing piece about family issues because it blends country music and comedic storytelling. This track is surely one of the greatest tracks of his most recent album “House Arrest Ankle Bracelet” which mostly deals with the themes of heartbreak and humor in a very personal and authentic way, which comes out of the traditional music of Western North Carolina.

“Mama’s Going to Rehab” is a tale about the family’s funny adventures when the wife finds love and a fresh start in court-ordered rehabilitation. Hudson’s music is a blend of folk, country, honky-tonk, and rockabilly, which makes it a modern yet retro-sounding song.

Hudson is the lead vocalist and acoustic guitarist and is accompanied by an excited gathering that has electric guitar, bass, keys, drums, steel guitar, and banjo. The show was done by Dale Meyer at Sherwood Studio in Morganton, NC, and it was so powerful that it captured the spirit of the song. This single is, among other things, proof that Hudson has a talent for writing stories that are catchy and the ability to make his music sincere, humorous, and full of naturalness.

“Mama’s Going to Rehab” is, after all, a wonderful number that will definitely make you laugh and enjoy its melody. Thus, it is a clear sign of what to expect from the whole album.

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