KYSS PÅ HALSEN – Night wanderer

The newest EP by Kyss På Halsen, “Night Wanderer” is created for music listeners who want to get away from their hectic lives and engross in a tranquil and meditative atmosphere that is filled with electronic pop elements. It takes its cue from the Edvard Munch art. The Norwegian band which is famous for the mixture of various musical styles, keeps on exploring the themes of innocence and darkness at the same time, they are trying to experiment with R&B and disco elements within the framework of shoegaze.

The main single of the EP “Blow Your Brains Out” is a result of the talented combination of the group’s soothing tunes that come with lyrics that reveal the depth of emotions sometimes even being dark. Through the integration of the vocal harmonies and the dark orchestral compositions, this song, which is part of the extended play, depicts the way human feelings are involved in complexity and are in fact silent terrors of mental traps.

“Night Wanderer” not only demonstrates the capability of Kyss På Halsen to create beautiful, melodic backgrounds that complement the rich storytelling but also the determination to the musical boundaries they are breaking through. Collaboration with others in the music-making process, thereby showing authenticity, which is in synergy with the dreamy atmosphere of their music.

This EP is a “giant jump” in Kyss På Halsen’s discography because the band now shows a lot of confidence in mixing different styles and lyrics. This is what makes “Night Wanderer” a great LP for those who want to appreciate the atmospheric layers and the introspective lyrics in the music.

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