ENIK – When I was a boy

The newest song of Enik, “When I Was a Boy,” is an emotionally loaded narration of his childhood, which serves as a vehicle for a deeper and more personal conversation with his inner child. Globally renowned for his multilayered sound that skillfully combines the characteristics of Tom Waits and Björk, Enik brings the most intimate touch to this track possibly one of the most personal songs he ever had written.

The single becomes a mixture of the atmosphere of “Stranger Things” and the reflective mood of Bon Iver which in turn produces a haunting and beautiful soundscape. It is an excellent background to the lyrics that are going to take the audience through memories of Enik’s childhood, and that will create a contemplative and emotionally loaded experience.

The song’s significance is further highlighted by Enik’s metaphorical description: “If this song would be a house. . . I would love to live in it. ” The author not only emphasizes the significance of this song to Enik but also invites his listeners to be fully immersed in the emotional levels of both the music and lyrics. “When I Was a Boy” is not only a musical track but also a home for those nostalgic and timeless questions of youth and growth.

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