PRINCE OF SWEDEN – Beneath the Big Top

‘Beneath the Big Top’ is the title of the Prince of Sweden’s latest album which is a wondrous display of his poetic mind, timeless tastefulness, and adventurous expression. The album is a perfect creation that delves into the intricacies of human feelings and takes the listeners to another level of music appreciation.

The album contains several tracks that captivate the attention: “The Elephant in the Room” and “The Electric Blue.” “The Elephant in the Room” is a golden and dark track that touches upon the intricate sides of human interaction and the hidden truths that every two people are faced with on a daily basis. The song is an outstanding one with its minute-by-minute uncovering of thematic layers and elaborative musical elements which allow the listeners to have a synchronized journey through the inner narratives and refined harmony which are essential attributes of the Prince of Sweden.

The album also includes “The Electric Blue,” which is another one of its singles that many label an audio permutation and a major change in the sound of Prince of Sweden. The song has outstanding vocals, suspenseful instrumentation, and poetic lyrics. They sing and play electric guitars and drums, and their influence is the works of Nick Cave, Dirty Three, and Gustavo Santaolalla. For the album, the song is a conceptual experience that will lead to a greater thrill.

The poetic atmosphere of Prince of Sweden’s music is guaranteed by his individual poetic vision, timeless ambiance, and proximity to artists such as Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. The songs of this man cause shivers down the spine using dysthymic phrases and emotional feelings. He leads the listeners into the world of his own thoughts. “Beneath the Big Top” is certainly not an exception from the rule, and as a result of this one is sure to be amazed by its monotonously beautiful soundtracks and thinking-generating lyrics.

This is an amazing piece of art by Prince of Sweden that presents his special poetic vision, timeless ambiance, and some experimental soundscapes. The album is designed to offer listeners a multi-sensory musical experience in which the artist goes deep into human emotions. This will definitely attract them and old listeners as well. An absolute must for all serious music lovers who want to listen to a chilling yet thoughtful composition.

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