“Iris” by Dresden marks a successful merger of jazz, funk, instrumental rock, and art rock to give a strong indication of the unique genre-blending by the band. The song is like musical evidence that Dresden is one of the best on the planet at delivering music that is both unique and likable, reaching a point inside the listener’s soul. The track is a stellar example of combining deep groove and layered instrumental structure. Altogether, the track is tied by a catchy and memorable melody that is just wonderful. The band’s touch brings a mix-up of genre influences, jazz harmonies, funk grooves, Latin styles, and progressive rock structures.

The “Iris” songwriting process was to start with a thought and then add every little bit of it, including all the instrumentation, and then integrate the different influences of the band members. This way, the songwriting session becomes a collaborative process where any of the members can add their own ideas while producing a sound that is tailored to the band’s vision.

Dresden’s show at the Green Festival is a credit to the amount of growth the band has experienced since their humble beginnings as a band that formed late in 2020. As their music can’t be pigeonholed into any distinct genre, Dresden is one of the most popular yet unique instrumental music bands in town and represents a huge step forward for this kind of music. “Iris” the song that shows the band’s development into a more mature music style that is more famous and accessible. To sum it up, “Iris” made it a perfect album to know Dresden for the first time and is evidence of the band’s competence and commitment to creating fresh and innovative music that is also within the realm of their sound.