HERMAN MARTINEZ – Immortal Jellyfish

Herman Martinez’s recent album, “Immortal Jellyfish,” this piece of art signifies a remarkable journey passing through rock, metal, and nostalgic music. In 2 years, the album was being recorded in Athens, GA meticulously and it turned out to be an excellent demonstration of his proficiency in music and effective skill to create immersive ambient sceneries. The song to which the album title refers, “Immortal Jellyfish,” offers a sweet convoluted music pattern that twists and shifts in a fascinating way just like the jellyfish. The capture of the dramatic string ensemble at last gives way to blazing distorted guitars that rise to a climax, building the complexity.

The album’s 18 tracks are the lengthy storage of memories, giving the listeners an experience worth remembering and unveiling rich sounds for them. It is clear that Martinez is skilled in writing songs, and even better at producing and mixing them which allows every instrument to shine in the racket. The rapturous sound spectrum, which steers clear from the cliché of pigeon-holing the album into any single musical genre, makes it sound like a perfect mix of psychedelic reverberations, grunge-like grit, sky-high symphonic moments, and a hint of jazz and progressive experimentation.

Be it the sweet and spacey theme of the title track or the long burn of its incredible finale “Immortal Jellyfish” Martinez has succeeded in crafting an absolute jewel with “Changing Colors While Dreaming.” The album’s focus on transformation, time passage, creation, and self-expression, is told through Martinez’s revolutionary shapeshifting techniques, leaving behind an auditory tale that will

In the end, “Immortal Jellyfish” can be considered as an acknowledgment of Martinez’s talent as an artist and his capacity to produce a tingling-with-ideas container of all his musical images and flashing energy. This record, which makes us think every second is pure gold, cannot be only celebrated for the song number, but also for the performance of every second, the virtuosity, and the soul of the songs. It’s an experience that takes you away from your reality and then embraces you in a different world and as a result, the album is great in that virtue which is one of those things that all great albums should have.

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