PLASTIC HARPOONS – Better Than Dying

“Better Than Dying” is a single off Plastic Harpoons’ latest release, a magical comingling of the indie rock genre and songwriting brilliance. The song’s atmosphere is “breezy” and “sublime” and its guitar hooks kind of express a bit of nostalgia while at the same time, it is still here and now. The track is produced with attention to minute details and has the potential to leave its listener in a comforting, wholesome well-written, and performed mood.

The vocals are filled with “a ton of vocal charisma” hence they get extra power and every word that gets out seems to be a part of a personal dialogue that is directed to you. These feelings are further emphasized by the “funky bass twangs and the bright electric guitar riffs,” which carry this song across a multi-layered soundscape with a lot of depth and warmth.

At its heart, the song “Better Than Dying” shows us a conflict that is experienced by everyone – the conflict between desire and need, a chorus that goes deep into the essence of practical optimism. This main idea is concentrated in the lines “I didn’t get what I want, but I got what I need, still better than dying,” which, in turn, causes self-understanding and the idea of how to value even small wins. This single has a great chance to grow even more with the upcoming release of their Jam in the Van session which will be by the end of this month. While the band will be performing their anthemic song support will be raised for this track.

Its danceable beats, airy strings, and singalong outro have not only made it a song but also a tale of acceptance and contentment – an expertly crafted narrative that simply resonates with anyone who has ever been overwhelmed by life’s unpredictable circumstances.