“SCARS” is one of the super and original tracks by PROKLAIM who uses his own style and skills to present the deep feelings expressed in his lyrics. An electronic ringtone is followed by a charming accompaniment which forms a very creative tone and serves as a precursor to Proklaim’s opening of the Proklaim’s exploration of truth, transparency, and self-discovery. The artist coats a relaxed, soft, and dreamy feeling with the softness of vocals and fairly rich textures. Still, the piano and the synth-wave pulsate subtly and softly underneath as the rhythm plays. As Afrobeat beats begin to pound the floors like drops of rain, Proklaim presents his verses in a tough clipped flow that carries both precision and acid, dissecting the superficiality of our modern-day society and offering a purely unfiltered account of our collective experience.

Proklaim uses the whole song to show his undisputed talent in the field of expressing his feelings; be it slow verses dealing with various issues or his view on various matters and he does this very confidently. The line in the time moves in the choice of the psyche where tears are opened and the truth is faced up to without fear at all. In “Heat Is On”, the artist is Proklaim, and the music he creates carries his originality. He touches on things like materialism and the struggle to be free knowing we are all in the heat of the moment and music might be the answer to our thirst for exploration.

Shortly, “SCARS” is among the best singles and they stick in our minds forever. Proklaim is brave to deliver the message and take the audience on a roller coaster of emotions. This track is highly recommended for all the listeners who would be looking for thinking and feeling kind of music. The downtempo groove with reggaeton style, as well as Proklaim’s sonorous verses, make this song a brave statement that represents the success of the artist in the rap scene.

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