Cheryl Craigie’s brand new single “Migraine” gives a very personal view of the difficulties that are faced by migraine sufferers. It is a problem that is not accepted and sometimes ignored. In this track, Craigie not only blends her usual music style with hints of rap, but she also challenges herself by describing the daily struggle against chronic pain in the form of a vivid image. By writing lyrics that show her situation, she wants to make the public aware of it, as well as, to encourage empathy toward the people who undergo this painful condition.

“Migraine” is an ethereal synth composition with dynamic rhythmic changes from melancholic to an intense and violent tune that sort of resembles the recurring and persistent nature of migraine headaches. The singing of Craigie is very effective as she switches from painful lyrical melodies to an almost choir-sounding harmony that shows the unity of the migraine sufferers. The song’s transformation, in this sense, showcases not only her multifaceted nature as a musician but also an underlying commonality of the situation, highlighting its impact on many people’s lives.

Through “Migraine” Craigie has not only put out a track but also an act of advocacy; she uses her platform as an artist to confront the stigma around migraines and promote an increased awareness about the condition. This track would be a manifestation of her growing as a musician who is determined to create songs that strike an emotional chord in people and also belong to society.