CRUZ – Life of Misery

Blaring indie guitar tone?Bouncing, valve-driven vocals? A whole lot of harmonies hidden in the right places, like Parmesan, falling into the perfect pockets and crevices of a mouthwatering, musical salad? “Life of Misery” is a play-all-through board game that will not only entertain you, but your entire party as well!

CRUZ is the name of the band that is made up of Sam, Tom, Simon, and Jamie, the four fellows from Sheffield, the town in South Yorkshire. “Life of Misery” came out several weeks ago, and, though it is the only single the band has available to date, it already is doing fairly well on Spotify, with 1,240 monthly listeners, which of course is a very good result for freshmen.Hey!1,241 now!You’re welcome!

I can’t fathom if this song is making me want to regain my skateboard or get drunk and prank call my previous employer, but I think it would be a great match for both of them. Though the recipe is not unique, the song will make the list of any decent revolution sound track. I am burning with an inexplicable urge to listen to more music from these guys!

Take note: There is no doubt that they are the goddesses of indie rock. They sent to us a lot of pictures, lyrics, WAV and the press release. The bar is up and now we feel like we are Crowned with Gold Lace. Troubles are no less valid, but there is still a lot of good in the world…