SINKR – The Cut

SINKR is the Manchester-based band that combines different influences and genres, like punk and shoegaze. “Defection“ and “Big Shot“ are the songs that open the album and they both deal with authority in their own ways. Firstly, “Defection“ is a song that takes the general approach and addresses society’s institutions and then, I personally prefer the second one, “Big Shot,“ which is more individual and better at the same time. And by the time the song “The Cut“ is played, IThe wait was rewarded. The sound got bigger, the drums pounded harder, and the singer joined in after a stellar guitar slide/drum fill:The sound got bigger, the drums pounded harder, and the singer joined in after a stellar guitar slide/drum fill:

Here we go again now/ Everything is wrong/ Let’s start the show again now/ All your friends are gone/ How did we find this out again/ That it will be like this/ We lose control again/ You have no words left to say.

That is when the song befuddled me and I was left with two contradictory messages for the lyrics—one being a conversation between two friends, the other mere attendees. Nevertheless, I am going to take the narrator as the primary source and consider the friends as the only ones who are left. This is an important question for you to ask, and it is worth asking why? Well, the next refrain contains the hook and is the entire crux of the song: Though it’s a simple phrase, I Hope You Make The Cut, it really resonates because of the genre and vibe of the song. I believe there’s sarcasm hidden there.

The second verse of my narrative also confirmed my suspicion, but it is more than that. It is not a genuine ‘hope’ in any way, shape or form, but a resigned indifference that no longer desires the target to feel any harm, only for the narrator himself to be hurt and damaged. This is the crucial truth everyone should know, as inside may be the place of the most hatred. The hooks ring out the rest of the song’s 2:41st line I wonder whether there is the sincere of goodwilling from the singer or not. When there is no one else and there is no one to talk to, you are left with the empty husks of previous angers, and don’t they come to be your new friends?At least, potentially?