Drollery – Caerbannog

To begin with, Drollery is a band from Albacete, Spain. They will be putting out their ninth-track punk album soon. As a start, I suggest that they begin with the 2020 EP Caerbannog, but I expect that they will be releasing “Bastard Santa” this winter. And I’m not kidding when I say there are only 168 shopping days left until Christmas!Or until seasonal depression.Or whatever.

For starters, we received the material from this band and it contained this gem—the video for their song, “Vino de Lejos.” When an artist sends you a song for review, it is a completely different thing to watch them performing. Indeed, videos can offer better clues about the artists and give the listeners a chance to get to know them if they are interested. For most part, music is perfect, but they made Drollery so that it would be a punk rock masterpiece that would be worth every next two and a half minutes.

We hope to hear more from Drollery very soon!