Pulse Park – Phonac Music

The first thing was to start this blog which was giving me a bit of tough time since i had to go through all the full albums. Initially, I was expecting to write a couple of reviews for some singles here and there, and not spending more time than I would for occasional EPs. Therefore, when I lost an email from Pulse Park and saw their first full-length album, Phonac Music, I was very ashamed of myself.

And I hereby retract everything I just said for the second time. It is a bands like Pulse Park that this blog is exactly about. “The Antibody,” the first track, starts with a single guitar played by Magnusson, whose dirtiness tells you that he’s not here to sell you Kool-Aid, but clean enough for your mom to let you hang out with him. In the first ten seconds, the rest of the band shows up, they don’t give a fuck whether you call the cops or not. I don’t understand what To mention, the combination of the Silversun Pickups sounds will bring you closer. These people stand out from the crowd. (Google them to see if they’re already famous I often do this before 2,000 monthly Spotify listeners.) I can’t think of any reason why they should need any help from UpToHear, but they’re getting it anyway. The breakdown at 1:Crazy is something that is undoubtedly better than any guitar solo that would have been able to cover that job had he chosen to play it, and then he has a good ending.What an opener. How about track 2 to become the focal point?

The song “Sine Wave”, though not as energetic as the first one, has melodic vocals and the syncopation of the rhythm section that will keep me interested. Do not get me wrong, this song is also great, but I will definitely put it as a B-side of the other one. A little more of a head bob than a head bang, but definitely radio-friendly and an opportunity for a good time for future concertgoers to recover from the “Antibody” before they get back into the swing of things with “Indie Rock Song”.