Francisco Sola – I’ll Be Gone

Friends, I am delivering a “I’ll Be Gone” prescription to you, not critiquing it; most probably, you have already heard the version of it, which has been nagging in your head for as long as you can remember. It has been a fixture in your life since forever, playing as a soundtrack to your every emotion in your life.

You should listen to “I’ll Be Gone” if your symptoms include any of the following: You still dig Bon Iver’s new work but the brutality and vulnerability of the past is gone… You have had more terrible relationships than good ones… You have cried on Jeff Buckley’s songs… You are too introverted to deal with the parking lot at a concert and, instead, prefer to sit in your car and let a playlist take you on a journey through your feelings… You have a heartbeat…

Whether “I’ll Be Gone” will put you back on your feet or completely annihilate you, is up to you. Whether or not you want it, you deserve it.