Transviolet – Love and Power

Let me just cut the crap– Transviolet got this new song that your ears are too little to handle. The volume of sonic space occupied by “Love and Power” is only matched by its main theme, on which the leading singer Sarah McTaggart takes the listener on a journey of a relationship full of toxicity and imbalance of power. The truth is, it doesn’t matter if this song was sung in any other language, and it would still be as moving- Sarah McTaggart’s voice is just that talented.

The first part of this trip through electro-pop is moody and huge, just like you were swimming in the ocean and treading water in the endless sea of dark secrets which are too much for others to put into words. Subsequently, it’s only the striking expression of guitars at the second minute that will make you feel like the music is pulling you to the very bottom. I am so sorry that I ruined this for you, but you are missing out on a chance to prepare yourself, and this song does not come with either a warning label or a life jacket. Attending Transviolet’s concert entitled, “Love and Power” is an excellent use of the extra service fees for music lovers. This tour is going to be a great chance for the audience to get up close and personal with the bands Mother Mother and Sir Sly.