Alejandro Lopes – Alone With You

In case you have not been listening to Alejandro Lopes, then you are not doing it right. One month ago, we released “I Can’t Read Your Mind” for the upcoming EP called I Am Really Bad With Names. This month, we are spreading news about the release of his single “Alone With You” on August 27th. It is a lot more melancholic than the previous one. In addition to showcasing some flashier guitar work, the song lends its listener a glimpse into the darkness that tends to reside inside the majority of us all, but also the hope that love can bring: Lopes says that this song is “a metaphor that represents my years of struggle with depression and anxiety disorder, and finding love has brought sunshine into my life, after being in the darkest place at that time in my life.” He states that the alternative scene of the ‘90s influenced him a lot as well, giving him bands such as Pearl Jam and Oasis as examples of the things that fueled his passion for songwriting Also, this line is much clearer than “I Can’t Read Your Mind,” and thus the song gains an entirely new dimension which promises to be very interesting to continue listening to the EP.