Darko – Cruel To Be

I’m a longtime Glassjaw and Thursday fan, so I can’t help but love a punk and hardcore mix, especially when it’s performed by a band that’s really, really good. I don’t mean to exactly copy the sound of this artist, but I just want to say that it is the genre I like. Darko, a UK band, have no hesitation to start right from “Cruel To Be” with the well-blend of infectious riffs and high energy drumming with the sick, melodic guitar runs that flex the muscles of math rock. The vocals are earnest and compelling and it is a real pleasure to listen to the shouting, raspy vocals. However, it is not just any random, emotive shouting. I would be unfair to myself not to do so. Lyrics are loaded with a question mark as they do not see the point of being nice if that does not stop the atrocious behavior. On the contrary, they argue that to fight back and make them pay for their crimes is important. They are able to navigate the dilemma of the wrongdoers who try to attack you in order to discredit you but at the same time, they try to reveal the true nature of their w

The sing-along chorus melody is to die for in a fashion that no other genre has ever done before, and it’s just the right balance of catchy but not too catchy. “We all know something that other people don’t/So be kind but draw a line/Being nice is nice but doesn’t make it right/(Draw the line)/Civil, not civilised.” And I think just now when I believe that maximum musical awesomeness has been achieved, bridge starts. Having jazzy chords and a sweet bass groove, this part of the song is such a great difference and the return that, alone, makes this piece a must-listen for those fans of high energy music! And the song is more than just a song because of the lyrics that are both so potent and relevant. This is a song that is worth sharing because of the message that it carries.