The Zinvandels – Blackholes

Hey ho here we go, it’s time to shake rattle and ring the bell! It was a night to rock and roll! Zinvandels hit me with a surely effective riffing and I was feeling it! The riff so simple yet so catchy, even a baby-in-a-diaper would raise a fist in a toast to this riff! And the first hook by the second guitar was screeching and I was biting like a hungry fish!

Vocals is a deal-breaker in a band business and here we see two members sharing that load, which is probably the best practice in that context. Lyrics whirr and tat with tap-table energy, and the chorus excites with unanticipated orchestra, a boiling bass line, and a blues melody. Relatable lyrics keep things interesting with a chorus that starts: “There’s an angel on my shoulder trying to go somewhere else…” I could tell you what it’s like, but you won’t believe me if you don’t feel it for yourself. Consequently, what is the reason for your inaction?

Go have a listen!