Leatherette – So Long

The Italian post-punk band called Leatherette have declared the launch of their first album Fiesta which is going to be published on October 14th via Bronson Recordings. “So Long” is a short live music explosion that is ready to hit you in the face with a fist of energy.

The song starts off with distorted, edgy guitar riffs that then develop into the sound of the guitar being hit and smashed over the vocals, which in a way reminds me of the songs from the early 2000s that had a punkish-like vibe. Drums that literally beat the song into a submission are the reason why it should be played in a hard way – the way it should be played for any song of that genre so that it would be wildly addictive and infectiously catchy.

The song “So Long” is a summary of the struggles that can eventually lead to ground zero. Perhaps, the best way to handle such a situation was not to scream about it, but I have to admit it was a very exciting and freeing moment. Painful, sharp, weird guitars and a rhythm section which is slamming and catchy enough for the mind to follow it are probably the main ingredients of the recipe.

It is a charming and melodic post-punk song with a professional production quality that fits into the genre. However, it lacks some aggression, which is one of the aspects of this genre that we like to see. The only thing that has been taken away is not a single of the edges. To see firsthand, don’t miss it!