Gemini Parks – Up All Night

The Gemini Parks Project is the cross-genre funk creation of Kansas City musician Josh Berwanger. And on August 3rd he released his end of summer party banging debut single, “Up All Night.”

The song is purposely sloppy to slow bop and you sway to it with a drink in your hand; however, the flashiness of the lyrics suggest that the drink is more likely to be a Bacardi and Coke than a Can of Red Stripe. “Up All Night” kicks in the mood with an energetic funk bass line and a minimalistic drum beat.

The most important thing about the track is that this huge chorus that probably makes this a complete banger. The song is not only loud, but it also has the moments of quiet that are similar to that of the hand of Damon Albarn but definitely a Gorillaz vibe.

Berwanger, in this song, says some party atmosphere is going on here, but lyrically it is a song about a lone ranger. It is not about discovering only the self, but it is also about the road and substance.