Amongst Liars – Amongst Liars

Whoa! The first song that I encountered, “Cut It,” threw me off guard! The song starts with a delightful verse groove/riff, but then suddenly, the attack… the sneak attack… the unexpected uppercut that you never see coming. But the changed beat, it’s a long way to the snare. The exhilaration you get from flying upward; this is a feeling that is simply out of this world.What a knockout rhythm! I quickly grabbed my notebook and wrote this down, because it is really good – important! On Liars’ eponymous debut, it’s clear from the beginning that its all and keeps getting better. This album is a multiple-purposes tool that can be used for stomping, climbing on stages, and getting to the top of charts.

Each tune conveys the fine balance between being catchy and clever to make them fun in listening. Instead, I will break down each song, explaining to you all the ways it jolts and shocks the listener with great dexterity, but, it should be noted if you like track one, then you can be confident that you will like the entirety of this album. And so, if you decide to walk this already well-trodden path, be sure to get to the last track, which is “Without Grace.” There you will find a dreamy guitar solo that will take you on a long journey over a rumbling background. It is worth it.