Alejandro Lopes – I’m Really Bad with Names

From his upcoming EP, I’m Really Bad with Names, Venezuela born musician Alejandro Lopes offers us the first single, “I Can’t Read Your Mind.” This track is a mid-tempo wall of sound that echoes the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain, laying it on thick from the beginning, and somehow only getting thicker– so much so that by the time the guitar solo comes in at 1:The 53rd minute, you may find yourself wondering how much guitar was actually layered into this monster. Lopes continues to have his smooth vocal throughout the song, and sometimes he even sings to us, at times switching to the falsetto, which is a good thing. We finally get to come up for air around 2:52, and we are soothed by the soft voice of Lopes, accompanied by a single guitar. I do hope he is going to take this tune on tour, because it will completely make people seas of which all levels will be lost.