Si Connelly – July

Living in London, Si Connelly is a singer/song writer who is very ambitious; he is planning to release an EP every month. The seventh EP of the year, entitled July EP, is a three songs short stack, which is accompanied with shimmering production and glorious vocal melodies, on which the EP’s opener, ‘Fire’, is a good example.

That might sound strange, even some might say it’s impossible, but I definitely think that there are times when I can hear a sort of creature that is like a Michael Jackson/Jeff Buckley hybrid. Actually, check out “Fire” then, and I dare you to say that I’m wrong (I’m not). This is not just a case of another indie song for you; this is something that is bigger.

It is known that I am a big fan of soft vocal harmonies/oohs and ahhs, so I have to say that my favorite of the three is “Lion Eyes” which is the second track. The song is driven by the steady kick drum which sets the pace for a trip through more of fantastic vocal work, but the hook on “Staircase” is very close, especially with that sweet breakdown at the three Connelly is rarely known to sing the same way in different songs and this is a true testimony to his talent as a singer and a songwriter. In all three cuts, he definitely shows his diverse range of dynamics and composition skills.

He can hardly believe that the present situation, in which he is currently living out of his car, will be replaced with lots of attention of the industry moguls. He has just finished a UK tour that saw him in support of Ocean Colour Scene and Dexys Midnight Runners, so he can now commit more time to the EPs that are left for this year. And we are beyond excited to that each of them.