Lexie Carroll – if i built my home from paper

It is highly likely that you have never heard about Lexie Carroll unless you are reading this right now. The chances are this will soon change and not only for that reason. At seventeen, she has already managed to come out with a debut EP and gotten into playlists like New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, Our Generation, and Lost in the Woods, which by itself show her potential as a musician.

In her most recent track, “if i built my home from paper,” she presents us with an easy, slow and delicate indie pop tune that one might imagine as the soundtrack of any film. The whole audio is not louder than a whisper, but the scenery and emotion are very vivid, heartfelt, and moving, but I still wonder which microphone they used to record such a quiet vocal. According to Lexie, the lyrics of the song are for her mother, but they are more of a lullaby for a mother to sing to her baby.

And when this track was submitted to be reviewed last week, Lexie still had less than 20k monthly listeners on Spotify. Now, as I am writing this, she is approaching 60k, so I am not taking the chance and holding the review back until she’s no longer small enough for the blog.