Katy Alex – Glow EP

Halloween came early! The EP, Glow, by Katy Alex, is in the bag, as it were, and it’s a real bag of ear candy. These four songs that are filled with lush production and sweet hooks are the result of the heavy-duty work of a confectioner in a kitchen with the sole purpose of making tasty candy.

I don’t think I’m the kind of person who’d stir the pot with comparisons, but if Doja Cat and Halsey fans get to taste this, they’ll certainly be licking their lips. My instant reaction was to start dancing to the first track “Maliblues” and record a TikTok video because of how catchy and danceable this song is. With breaks and drops that do the job of moving the song forward, this song even makes my lazy ass wiggle.

Every song is worth a spin and I really love the title track, “Glow”, but the song “Sad Songs” has got the coolest chorus melody that I just want to hear more and more.