3Mind Blight – Love Sick

3Mind Blight is a truly prolific artist. In just one year he has dropped so many songs that we had to review “Love Sick” before he shares another one!

It is categorically impossible to tie him to any particular genre as he is known to address different styles ranging from metal to hip hop, pop to rock, acoustic to straight up orchestral. “Love Sick” is actually an award-winning single that is a masterpiece of good, old-fashioned grunge and/or post-grunge on its own. It is possible that Alice in Chains and Shinedown are among the bands he is influenced by as I hear a lot of them in this track, such as the lone guitar lick at the beginning of the song and the melancholic vocals. The lyrics, too, cause the same effect of feeling somewhat familiar and typically dark, desperate, and hopeless– which, though, it’s an ironic one, comes on with a welcome air of nostalgia. Although I would have loved some duet-like vocal harmonies in the hook, as a worthwhile trade-off, we have a tasteful guitar solo which takes us to the last chorus. “Love Sick” would suit any relationship’s end moment.