Loewenhaupt – Mitten win Anfang

It has been ten years since Loewenhaupt was involved in music and he is now back with a solo project, an extensive and a title song album called, Mitten win Anfang. The album begins with the track “Du kannst alles erreichen” and though I do not speak German, the call-and-response vocals in the verses are much like those we are used to in the movie Hedwig and the Angry Inch which I highly recommend to everyone, especially those who like musicals. However, before receiving the lyrics, I had already started writing this review. On Track 2, “Vers Although the song may sound like a love letter, don’t get fooled, this is a rock song, which can be spotted in the chorus that has the same energy as any 90s bangers and also the repetitive theme throughout the song “Welt retten”. At the end of “Ohne much” you will figure out that Loewenhaupt didn’t have any ten years off from music, but Because I am a sucker for the slower, tender ballads, it was worth it to keep the album going until the last track, “Für immer” which is a piano-driven, gut-wrenching number. I would actually go as far to say that if you have seen Hedwig, you will love this. This was a demonstration that music goes beyond the language barrier and is a pleasant tune for about 30 minutes.