PLATONICK DIVE – Carpet Ceiling

“Carpet Ceiling” is a famous new song by Platonick Dive – the three-man Italian group. The track demonstrates the band’s contemporary nature and therapeutic character, which fits not only as a follow-up to the previous releases but also as a part of their upcoming album “Take a Deep Breath”, which will be released in September on Moment of Collapse Records.

The chorus starts with an ambient soundscape that is relaxing and peaceful. It later incorporates melodic elements which creates a beautiful atmosphere for listening. The composition is quite carefully arranged (that is to say, every instrument has its role in the overall soundscape without being too dominant). Every single detail is neatly reproduced in the production quality, it stands out brilliantly. The production done for the tape is classy, and it adds a factor of perfection that creates a new level for the song.

Platonick Dive’s “Carpet Ceiling” is a sure sign of high musicianship and a serious compositional. As an immersive and soothing number that mediates the cognitive capabilities of a listener, the single is a must-hear for contemporary music and therapeutic music fans, along with those who are open to fresh and innovative sounds. Through the haunting aura and precise performance, “Carpet Ceiling” makes it impossible to miss its appeal among listeners. This outstanding work of art has already left us looking forward to the artist’s progression and next achievements in the coming months.

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