The latest Desperate Electric song, “Prove Me Wrong” is exhilarating and is their latest release. It is a perfect blend of two types of human behavior that was created before and relatively recently by Marvin Gaye and Daft Punk, respectively. At the end, there will be a type of music that is specific and distinct to the band with the band showing its uniqueness and creativity.

What impresses the most is the hook of the song which instantly captivates the listener’s mind using rhythmic guitar strumming and pounding percussion. The modulation of the lead singer´s voice with a touch of soul, accompanies the song that gives off an air of excitement and vibrancy. The songwriter through the lyrical style of this track brings to the mindset of the listeners issues like self-doubt and obstacles challenging the way, which can be intriguing indeed.

The striking feature of the song “Prove Me Wrong” is that the electric instruments have taken the place of the rock composition. Things like synthesizers and other electronic sounds create a certain ambient and complex sound which makes the track a constituent of the playlist you won’t want to get rid of.

Let us not forget that the title track is the finest song by Desperate Electric ever. Though the band is quite heterogeneous and using various genres of music is obvious, they still combine them in a way that creates a very interesting sound that flows smoothly. If you love the old school rock always or the modern electronic genre, this song could be the best thing you have heard in your playlist for yesterday. Lend your ears to it! It will be a perfect mixture offering you something new and refreshing which will be hard to forget.

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