The Wildtype’s current single, “The Hole,” which will be the leading track for their upcoming album, “If Destroyed Still True,” is an awesome combination of blues and country with a rock anthem’s heart. Out on May 4, 2024, this song is a full-bodied illustration of existential issues, especially on how people try to understand and locate their places in the universe.

“The Hole” is a song with a strutting rhythm and a traditional rock feel, but at the same time, the song is centered on the melodies which make it easy for the listener to remember. Marky Wildtype’s vocal delivery is very persuasive and emotional, and in turn, the lyrical content of the song that asks the question of how people fill the blanks when they can’t find answers to the questions of life is deepened.

Similarly, like his DIY roots, Wildtype wrote arranged, and even performed almost all parts of the song, hence showcasing his multi-talent as a musician and producer. With this method, he makes the song sound both personal and broad, but at the same time, it shows a confident and mature personality.

This is a different song if you compare it to the first album and is a hint of maturity in both songwriting and production. People who are familiar with artists like Ben Folds and Billie Eilish, and love the way those artists balance complex and meaningful lyrics with great melodies, will be able to relate to “The Hole. ” The song features multiple deep emotional undertones and is musically well-built. There is no doubt that it is a sign of Wildtype’s growing artistry and his ability to tell complicated stories.

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