Orange County Death March

More than honestly, I considered a song with the title “Orange County Death March” would be another punk submission or, in a best case scenario, something as cool as Eagles of Death Metal. An electro-rock ballad was not the last thing I would imagine being in my auditory space. However, I love surprises, and “Bike” is a very short tune for a person who doesn’t drive but rides a bicycle. The song’s association with Los Angeles, though, is what draws me to it because it achieves the epitome of a summery environment, which may leave the listener wanting to reminisce about their carefree, endless summer days of yesteryear. In general, the tune is very catchy and euphemistic, but you will find the unexpected little solo of nice guitar just before the breakdown.

One of the most satisfying things that I have experienced in the journey to blogging is the re-discovery of songs that are usually in genres that I do not listen to frequently. And with that in mind I started to dig deeper into Orange County Death March. Their song “Songs for Girls” is more of a sister to “Bike” than farther away, as it is mainly composed of a bass line and snaps, together with a vocal melody, with some sweet little harmonies as well. In addition to that, there is a trumpet solo from Cole Kamen-Green of Mmeadows as well. What is more, I can’t say that I like this song better than “Bike” and it doesn’t mean they are the same. They are two different songs, but both are good. Listen to them and tell me if I’m right.