On The Cutting Edge: Jehry Robinson’s “Razor” Track

I personally have been a melodic rap fan for a while now, and it’s just natural that I fell in love with the melodic beats that focus on melodies instead of rhythm. Being immersed in the music of Arrested Development, Mos Def, and of course my favorite of them all, Nate Dogg, I have learned to appreciate this genre since I was young. Being one of the most addictive drugs, and whenever I listen to artists like Jehry Robinson’s latest track, “Razor”, it gives me a perfect dose of that excitement which comes with finding a new discovery while still having memories from the past about the era I grew up as a fan of this genre.

Through “Razor,” the rapper evokes the feeling of perseverance and personal development while carrying it all with melodic rap. Coming up with Jehry Robinson’s entire album so soon, I can’t wait to intently mine the treasures that he has inside him.

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