Bad Mary – Trash And Glamour EP Review

In their recent EP called “Trash and Glamour,” the young band Bad Mary from New York comes back with an in-your-face and electric assortment of the songs which are heavily based on the punk rock music. This EP serves as a powerful statement, allowing the band to demonstrate their ability to deliver the hard hitting guitar riffs, pounding drums, and Amandas aggressive but sometimes sweet vocals with a touch of the

EP is launched with “Vibe-icide” and the song kicks off the album with its punk edge. The song begins with a crispy snare percussion, which gradually progresses into a high-tension atmosphere before a guitar riff and a groovy bassline make an entrance. The instrumental arrangement is arranged in a way that portrays the mood and dynamics of the punk rock, which complements the street style visuals.

“Vibe-icide” is a burst of punk energy that presents the gritty and rebellious attitude of the genre with its mighty instrumentation and introspective lyrics. It establishes the EP with a powerful and energetic approach, giving evidence of how Bad Mary is capable of delivering an authentic and hardpunk sound. It actually has all the elements that one would expect from an opening scene in a good movie and will leave you with a good appetite.

The song’s “Floor Is Lava” lyrics depict a scenario where everything is out of control and the characters in the song are involved in different kinds of misfortunes. Johnny bumps his head, Katie’s knees are covered with bruises, Kevin has a run in with the ceiling fan and Becky’s plant stand fall down on her unexpectedly. The song however, in spite of these mishaps, drives the message that the game will not be stopped by no one including those who were unlucky to be involved in accidents. It is associated with a feeling of less responsibility and being ready to go in for risks and difficulties to get pleasure.

It mixes the sweetness and sentimentality of the original Stevie Wonder song with the more protective and tough approach. The song serves as a punk rock version of the original, giving a relief or release to Amanda, or to anyone of us, who may be feeling the same way. One good way is to throw a stone and you know someone that has exactly the same experience. People who have developed a relationship of resentment with someone close to them and want to assert their viewpoint unlike the one who has wronged them can easily connect with the song.

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