MARC BEZIAT – The Star of Peace

“The Star of Peace” piece by Marc Beziat is strikingly bright and shines just like a precious stone that brings one to a heavenly feeling during the “Prague 2024 session”. The “Hallelujah” song which since its inception has become a masterpiece that symbolizes universal harmony, for it perfectly captures peace in a combination of strings, brass, and celestial voices. The music of Beziat’s orchestral ballet is all that matters to her, and each note is a promise of a world made whole once more. The music will be a kind of celestial firmament where the stars will be the sound notes coming out from the stage and taking the auditors to the realms of peace and serenity.

In the Smecky Music studios in Prague, recorded by Mikel Toms and Miriam Němcová, the Czech Studio Orchestra, and the Vox Pragae Choir bring the tapestry of sound to life. The mastermind of the legendary studio is a wonder of all senses. Every action is an invitation to voiceless contemplation, a call to look behind the boundaries and discover oneness in the greatness of music. Besides its pervasive meaning, peace is also the song with the most profound emotional impact, penetrating deep into humanity.

Through this work, Beziat does not merely create a flawless piece of art, but worldwide poetry that enshrines the tolerance and responsibility of art to elevate above the confines of boundaries and connect the hearts and souls. Peace Star is the name of the album in a world that is fractured, the music is a guiding light to remind us that it has the ability not only to heal the heart but also to uplift humanity. This passage, besides being the heart of the “Prague 2024” presentation, is Beziat’s soul, making a statement as he attempts to find a common language that will fuse the different people of the world into a single chord of peace and harmony.

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