Here, the latest Proklaim’s single “4 ME” is a profound song that speaks of love and purpose in which the singer skilfully offers a soulful musical mixture that creates a very touching atmosphere that moves the listeners. With an amazing beat found online, the two of them agreed that they should go ahead and put in some freestyle and verse writing. The song becomes the manifestation of the musicality that is made by not only sounding good but also feeling good to make.

Proklaim merges his different inspirations into an unconventional sound that is still his own via “4 ME”. The song has a very emotional undertone and that’s what makes it a standout on the album. The record, which Proklaim produces by himself, is a soulful and rich beat that fits well with the introspective lyrics, and thus, gives room for his fans to see his personal journey and the essence of his art.

This is more of a song than music, with Proklaim being focused on creating songs that are genuine and thought-provoking, which touch your soul. “4 ME” is the endeavor of Proklaim to widen the range of the profoundly inspiring subjects in his music.

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