Kenny Sharp – Grown Folks Love

The new pop-soul single by Kenny Sharp, “Grown Folks Love,” is a very appealing tune which gives a first-hand account of his dating older women. The song is an outstanding orchestration of instruments that harmoniously fits together to produce a multidimensional sonority. It has been characterized as an anthem of a song that is full of the youthful agility and uncontrollable energy.

I personally have found myself in a similar situation towards dating an older woman which makes me wish to tell everyone else about this part of a romance that very rarely becomes part of mainstream media. The song is an unconventional love song that goes beyond the bounds of age and societal conditioning. It is a declaration that love is universal and not restricted to any specific form. “Grown Folks Love” is introduced with a guitar riff that marks the rhythm and leads the rest of the track. Then, the vocals of Kenny come in, noticeably soulful. These vocals are enveloped in emotions that will make you feel the same way as the lyrics. The chorus is a hook that will get stuck in your head in no time at all and you will be singing it all day long.

It is a catchy, anthemic song that comes out with a lot of youthful energy and indomitable spirit. Kenny Sharp’s delivery of the song has been filled with feeling and passion, which allows him to get the message of the song across well. The chorus is a toast to a love that is not limited by age or norms, and thus, it’s a call for a person to recognize true love, no matter how it looks like.

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