nobody likes you pat – dashboard (loved by you)

“Dashboard (Loved by You)” is the latest masterpiece by the renowned artist Pat Kiloran, aka Nobody Likes You Pat, which was released on May 19, 2023. The song has a pop-rock ballad style with Pat’s typical lyrics that are melancholic and melodic. The song’s subject matter is that of unrequited love and the agony of being in love with someone who does not respond to the same feelings. The chorus of the song stands out, where Pat sings, “I’m just a dashboard, loved by you… yet you don’t even know my name.”

“Dashboard (Loved by You)”, is a song that highlights Pat’s songwriting abilities and his unique sound. This song is a must-listen for Pat’s music fans and those who enjoy heartfelt pop-rock ballads.

“dashboard (the one you love),” pointing out the detail of it as “watching you watching New Girl in bed, wonder what you are wandering in your head, because mine is a mess.” “It’s a reflective look at the goodness and sadness that exist in our relationship,” says the Pat of Nobody Likes You. “This chorus is about the fact that I was drowning in a passion to achieve success, fame and respect for my work.” Through the process of getting to know someone and my faith and my self-identity, I have realized that I am chasing something which is nothing compared to me wanting and giving love to the people closest to me.

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