Gooseberry – Orbit

The independent pop group Gooseberry has just put the new song “Orbit” on the market. The song is a love song but has a slight twist on it. It demonstrates the intricacy of love and the self-centeredness needed for an artist to achieve his dream. I love the lyrics so much because they flow so great with the music, and the production sounds like it was done by a professional and is very polished. The singing voice is the art of voice itself. The song, “Orbit” is a change of pace from Gooseberry’s previous music that was more happy and fast paced. This song is a bit slower and more inward, with this one focusing not only on the text but also on the feelings they give the listener. ”Orbit,” the band’s new single, has a beautiful and reflective melody and lyrics that are a step forward for Gooseberry. The tune is accessible online on all the prominent platforms, the indie-pop and inextressible lyrics fans would not be able to resist it.

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