Jake Adler – One And The Same

“One And The Same” is Jake Adler’s latest song. Double and triple mix loop, echo, and sound into indie heady combinations, between the repetitive and the addictive. To leave his notes with the tender trace of emotions that are both fleeting and wandering, he injects them with the flowing and plural moods. The energy in this track is so beautiful and the production is clear and polished which made it stand out and taking it to another level. Jake’s voice just easily combines with the instrumental of this song, so the melody shines out. This melody is absolutely a delightful ride!

In the last three years, Jake has shown that he is a person who can cope with the ever-evolving music world with fantastic results. He was the artist on his way to superstardom called “Adler XCVI” and his hit singles “Tired Eyes”, “Something I Said”, and “Believe in Love” were his claim to fame. He has had more than 3 million streams in his career accumulated on the most known platforms. One of the most prominent achievements of Jake’s in the music industry are his songs that appeared on many respected music blogs and even on a popular TV show. Being from the most humble family, Jake is from the city of Philadelphia of Pennsylvania state, and has achieved these at the age of 26, which is just a young age. In the end, Jake finds himself in his shoes as Adler XCVI, but this time he has discovered himself and his music. Jake’s first album titled “26” is the name of his album.

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