A Days Wait – Same Sense

As A Days Wait featuring Adam and Trev amazed us with their flawless collaboration in the new song ”Same Sense”. This is a song made of emotions, they bring out your feelings in a groovy twisting and the song ”Same Sense” will put in your heart. In a sentimental tune, and under a wind-swept song, the harmonies are so beautiful that they are made complete by the lyrics. Sustained by softly rhythmic percussion, the embroidered arpeggios are intensified by a singing voice that is truly amazing and wonderful, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. ”Same Sense” is the song that deals with it when the relationship of the two people is like this one up and one down. Eventually, the song “Same Sense” is ”produced by a pop” artist which has a sensitive acoustic guitar as foundation and the bass is the buoyant part.

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