Album: FutureNature by Ben Fairey

Our incredible week continues with the most magical musical episode revealed by Ben Fairey and his album, “FutureNature,” which is worth listening to as it will be with the most awesome and attractive ways.

”FutureNature”, with 10 exceptionally enchanting songs, is certainly a different and thought-provoking musical endeavour as it immerses the audience in a combination of amazing visuals and complex soundscapes to create a completely new sensory experience. As the first solo album by Ben Fairey, a multidisciplinary artist with a blend of visual and musical art skills, “FutureNature” is a combination of his creative ideas and an embodiment of his artistic ingenuity.

The album itself is the perfect example of an ideal combination of electronics and organic sounds, which creates a unified and strange musical scenery from ambient, techno, and experimental music. Each of the track is carefully made to be able to make the listener feel like they are in Fairey’s creation where technology and nature seamlessly blend in with each other. With its deep and soulful touch and the ability of warm voices to make you feel the song, Ben Fairey’s music is so delicious, and its effect is irresistible, making us feel the music deeply and emotionally.

The unique feature of the documentary is the visual component but not the only one. Fairey has a magnificent collection of visuals, which are intended to provide a parallel to each track, and therefore the listener is transported to a world of dreams and fantastic places. These artworks can be abstract visual digital art or real-time footage, mixed with the soundtrack in a way that will leave you in awe.

”FutureNature” project proves that Fairey’s talent as a visual artist and musician is not limited; instead, he directly combines these talents, resulting in an authentic immersive experience that exceeds the traditional restrictions. This audio-visual album with its novel sound and visuals will be known as a groundbreaking debut and proof of the impact of interdisciplinary creativity.

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