Harriette Briscoe – Guided by Divine Light

Immersion into the spiritual levels of trust through “Guided by Divine Light” – the celestial music piece by the renowned artist and conductor of choir, Harriette Briscoe. This is the mellifluous tune that speaks of the bliss of walking hand in hand with God and of immersing oneself in His unshakable love. Harriette Briscoe, a renowned gospel singer who is an important member of Shiloh Community United Methodist Church in Newburg, has never failed to offer her service with devotion.

Just by clicking the SoundCloud, Apple Music or YouTube”s links you can do that and then you will get into the atmosphere that is created by “Guided by Divine Light”.

This powerful song brings forth a message that is centered on faith and the mighty power of putting one’s hope in the All-mighty. The words become a lighthouse that calls upon the audience to entrust God with their woes and accompany Him on the voyage through the sometimes turbulent flow of life. The song is the one that tells us that we should not worry, even if we go through the hardest of times, because God is always there for us.

Harriette Briscoe’s music is of the gospel tradition, the essence of which is deeply woven into the rich music culture of the gospel genre. Her beautiful voice with her lyrics that fill a person’s soul with a sense of spirituality have become indelible for many. The fact that she acts as both a highly skilled musician and the choir director gives an additional proof supporting her devotion to music – the music as a source of comfort and source of inspiration for all.

In conclusion, “Guided by Divine Light” can be regarded as a beautiful and inspiring piece that, on the one hand, motivates people to trust in God and, on the other hand, encourages them to walk along the paths of their lives while being guided by the divine light. It is through Harriette Briscoe’s music that we can witness the power of faith and the vitality that came from the relationship with the Almighty.

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