Winchester 7 & The Runners – Heart of the Golden Mystics

Atlanta-based, Winchester 7 & the Runners, are doing a great job representing their city’s music scene with the alternative rock and indie-rock mix they have been playing. “Heart of the Golden Mystics” is the new fifth album by this three-piece band that’s both unusual and enjoyable, just like their previous albums.

The band’s sound is, however, propelled by the electric ukulele playing skills of Winchester, while Kane on drums and Voorhees on bass deliver the rhythmic magic that fills the air. The result? A cheerful and lively blend of indie and garage rock which sounds pretty much fun and exciting.

The trip commences with “The Saint Simon Killer Returns,” a very energetic track which is the opening song for the album. The tune”s one-chord riff and its uke groove that are addictive right away take the driver’s seat. The lyrics of “Winchester” are marvelously arranged by Winchester to represent his story of the search for the right place in this world and the realization of one’s goals. It is one of the most upbeat intro that captures the attention of the listeners from the very first instance.

Much of the album follows this pattern; however, the track “Her Double Life” is an exception, as it offers a more relaxed atmosphere. The melody is plain here but it becomes infectious, and clever backward guitar phrases add to the dreamy mood of the album opener.

“Married for the Money” pops up as a song worth to be reckoned with, having a melodious tune, perfect musicianship and impeccable riffs that will linger in the mind for a long time. “Miss Merry’s Memoriam” gives us the chance to accompany it on a new musical journey with its relaxed beat, powerful rhythm section and meaningful lyrics.

The album’s finest track, “Strange Love Triangle” is the symbol of the sounds of the 1980s. The track begins with the sophisticated mixing of a retro drum programming and horn samples, creating the mood for a hypnotic dance floor vibe. However, this is a bonus track which is not only closing the album but also takes the album as a whole to a whole new level with its punchy production, electronic instrumentation, and storytelling from Winchester 7 & the Runners.

The song “Heart of the Golden Mystics” represents a certain sound of Winchester 7 & the Runners, which is rare and recognizable. The album is a compelling voyage you’ll enjoy due to its catchy melody, profound lyrics, and unique genre blend of alternative rock. Whether you belong to an old-timer fan club or are new to their music, this album is a must-listen for you as it proves the band’s evolution and capacity of producing new and yet familiar music.

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