Agathya Visveswaran – Token Clown

Among the diverse and colorful indie music universe, Agaaze, also known as Agathya Visveswaran, is indeed a genius. Originating from the hectic avenues of New York City, this multi-instrumentalist and music producer has blessed us with a stunning soul-stirring single that will unquestionably be unforgettable. On July 7, 2023, “Token Clown” will be flushing out of the studio – not just a song, but a statement of Agaaze’s unbelievable transformation.

Thus, this musical piece refuses to be confined to any genre, taking elements of psychedelic pop and hip-hop, and spicing this up with a bit of psychedelic rock. From the very start of the song, “Token Clown” takes the audience into a magical realm where they will want to go deep within and find their true selves.

Agaaze’s virtuosity can be noticed in the subtle instrumentation and the multilayered sound which are the core elements of the track. With every beat serving as a siren song, the music takes the listener into a trance, leaving an unforgettable mark on their musical soul, bringing solace to wounded hearts and opening even the most hidden veins.

The poetic lines of “Token Clown” are up for interpretation but the track itself transmits a healing spirit which guides the listeners through a mystical realm of melody and emotionalizing story-telling. Music is an exploration that knows no boundaries and fuels the spirit of the imagination.

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