ERIC DASH – Learn From Last Time

With his newest release, “Learn from Last Time,” on March 22, 2024, the beloved LA-based Eric Dash, the singer-songwriter, has enchanted fans with his fresh talent. This recording is a neat portrayal of Dash’s blues nuances – somewhat looking like Jimi Hendrix and John Mayer – while leaving the listener hungry and excited for the full album, “Bystander,” which will be dropping later this year.

Through “Learn from last time,” Das creates a soulful piece with a strong personal message and strikes a chord, as he recounts his story of finding his belonging instead of going with popular music trends. The song particularly interests me because of its feeling of life as a cycle and of striving for a valuable experience in the present.

Before the release of “Bystander” however, Dash has already shared various thoughts on the track and how it is heavily influenced by insecurity towards his past work and a wish to return to his authentic self as an artist. This single irresistibly marks an important milestone of Dash’s career and will be a prelude to other of his ambitions such as featuring on other artists’ songs and developing a pop project “LOLA,” inspired by his lovable dog.

“Learn from Last Time” is a song that describes the sensations of Eric Dash, and displays him as an authentic person through his reflective storytelling. As he looks forward to the release of “Bystander,” his next musical venture, along with the countless other miracles to be uncovered on this journey of self-discovery and introspection, Dash invites us all to walk with him into a new era of his burgeoning artistic legacy.