LA NEED MACHINE – These Old Jeans

La Need Machine, the band hailing from Seattle, is all set to come up with “These Old Jeans, ” an attempt to encapsulate the intensity of self-reflection and growth in atmospheric indie rock and pop. This radio track by which the label Worldsound/Virgin Music Group/Universal is distributed for us, becomes the highest point of the band’s trip during which the band puts together the introspective lyrics with engaging melodies to attract the listener to the story of their transformation.

The music starts gradually but with a captivating percussion. Al’s cosmic guitar is the guide through the trip with the sublime string arrangements framing the scene. Brian’s smooth voice with authentic tone interacts with Elise who provides sweet backing, giving the song more depth and nuance. ‘These Old Jeans’ is more than a song, it is a hymn of introspection that reminds people to think about the way to find wisdom and humility.

La Need Machine takes us on a trip through “These Old Jeans,” striving to make it a tribute to being flawed and a step forward for personal growth. This song is not simply listened to, rather it’s felt, taking you on a journey of self-discovery through the sweetness of self-love. Let this track be your fellow traveler as we journey into the unfamiliar realm of uncovering and grasping imperfections that make up our stories.

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