PLEASER – Always Lookin In

PLEASER’S latest single, “Always Lookin’ In,” recently shot up the charts to create an amazing wave among both the audience and the critics, and now it has earned a reputation as a bona fide smash within the music community. This song demonstrates extremely well what the artist is capable of in making music that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

Melodically, the song called “Always Lookin’ In” is remarkable with its plain but deep instrumentation. Thus, the interaction between the electric guitar and drums builds the rhythmic basis for a rock song, which is moving and easily remembered. Besides that, the rhythmic blend of ironic drums and impressive vocals creates one memorable auditory environment that makes it even more memorable.

In conclusion, “Always Lookin’ In” by PLEASER undoubtedly is an assiduously put-together song that effectively takes up the difficult theme of sacrificing self for the sake of others’ satisfaction and provides a delicious sonic journey throughout.