TEAH LEWIS – Underweather

Teah Lewis’s “Underweather” EP is a well-designed collection that shows her music has grown a lot. The EP launched this April, and it is going to be a departure from her previously released works as it will be a more mellow and folk-infused sound that brings forth a perfect picture of her storytelling mastery. The theme of identity, the passage of seasons, and introspective reflections on personal growth are what make it unique.

“Underweather” is an album is filled with tracks like “Little Yellow Raincoat,” “Underweather,” and “Mount Pleasant. ” These songs are appended with melodic adornments of strings and brass that are beautifully synergized with Lewis’s warm vocals. The EP is full of words that describe nature and the weather, which are a reflection of the emotional changes that she goes through in her lyrics. Of particular mention is “Underweather” that has a violin performance done by Lewis’s mother, thus making the song more personal to him.

“Underweather” is a harmony of folk and pop, which is both new and deeply feeling. It’s a song that will definitely remind you of the hit songs of the likes of Gabrielle Aplin and Taylor Swift, with whom you are probably a fan. This EP proves that Teah Lewis is a new distinct voice in indie music, as a writer and a musical arranger, she works magic by combining fine musical pieces with equally compelling narratives.