Disco In Sochi – Diva

From the lockdown phase of the Covid pandemic came Disco In Sochi, an act lead by Alex Allen, an Anglo-French Londoner, and their latest offering is the song “Diva”…. A tune that puts the bass and drumming to work; a fast, tight rhythm that is the standard for indie disco.

This song could have been released during the post-punk/new wave revival taking the same mood like at the beginning of the noughties: energetic, urban, anxious and anthemic.

The track is probably good for filling up the dance floor than for killing the mosh pit. The song has some similarity in its texture to Bloc Party, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and vocally to a cold-hearted Jack White…

To be honest, I slightly started to dislike their music, but after couple of their songs…I gave it a plus sign.