‘Settle Down’ with Stone Mile

Whatever you gravitate to, be that country, blues, synthpop, or indie rock, Stone Mile’s latest single “Settle Down” is exactly what you need to find true happiness within yourself. They throw in all of the usual ingredients for this delightful dish: liner guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, but the delivery is special, with only enough familiarity to make the listener draw the most vague associations to others in their genre. The song as a whole is a happy, fun ride with the chorus catching the listener’s attention and making them want to sing along. While the band may indeed mention the names of their band heroes in the bio, I can guarantee you that they have found a special, little spot in this vast world of indie music all by themselves. However, if you choose to immerse yourself in them now, be sure to listen to their previous release, “Circular Quay,” as a bonus track to cover up their other songwriting abilities, and a more powerful vocal performance.